My child settled so well in her preschool. She has become more independent, her concentration level has improved in regard to listening, following instructions, cooperation and her speaking skills have improved. We, as parents, had a great experience putting our first born into Sunbeams Preschool. We are so pleased with the teachers and environment.
Mrs Sherwani

My child has enjoyed his time with Sunbeams, He couldn’t have asked for a better keyworker than Steph and I know he will miss her. He is excited about starting ‘big school’ in September and I think the preschool can have no better legacy than that. If a child is keen and eager to move to the next stage then I feel that is a good indicator of the positive experiences they have had already.

Mrs Gowney-Hedges

While at Sunbeams I have watched her grow into a confident, happy and loving little girl – all thanks to the staff and all your hard work.
Mrs Whittle

My child has grown a lot and developed really well at Sunbeams, I am really happy with her time there and would recommend Sunbeams to everyone. The group is small but has structure and routine which is really important. I would like to say thank you so much for giving my child the best, most amazing start in her learning.
Mrs Russell

Thank you for giving our child such a lovely, positive and encouraging start to his school life. We appreciate your tireless attention, unwavering care and the guidance you continue to give him.
Mrs Martin

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